Shift Resources

Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel each September. We believe in building off the work of others and freely sharing our own resources. The original mandate of The Shift was to demonstrate a shared culture of innovation throughout the Halton District School Board. Please make use of the work we have facilitated to broaden your own practice.


2017/2018 Innovation Grant Projects

Check out the work of 18 educator teams working across panels to bring innovation and creativity into their classroom practice. Projects were designed to start small, with the ability to be scaled up.


Past Presentations

We like to present and share our work. We’ve given presentations at schools, professional development days and conferences around Ontario. We are happy to offer our past presentations here for anyone to access.


Reading List

When we aren’t busy working with teachers, we also like to read. Jumping into this role required a lot of background research. We are glad to offer up our reading list so that you can get started on your own innovation journey.