Balancing Your Approach

Do you need to be in two places at one? We can help you balance asynchronous/synchronous or cohort A/B!

Finding balance in your approach this year is tricky and challenging. We want to help you design learning structures that provide balance for both yourself and your students, whether that is infusing creativity in your curriculum, finding low tech ways to engage your students, or dealing with the organization of your classroom itself.

We can build these structures together and we are happy to model, co-teach, observe, and/or provide feedback to help you succeed in your SHIFT to a balanced learning approach that is engaging for your students.

Possible Areas of Focus

Teaching for Creativity


  • Creating vs. consuming

  • Experiential learning

  • Digital tools to support creation

  • Makerspace online

  • Hands on building and creating

Stepping Away From the Screen


  • Outdoor education ideas

  • Low tech ideas

  • Off screen ideas

Organizational Strategies for Balancing Hybrid Learning


  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous

  • Effective group work and collaboration

  • Balancing cohort A and B

  • Self-paced classrooms