Building Workspace Culture

We can help you build a robust and connected classroom/workspace community in the virtual space!

Feeling connected, and like a valued member of the group, is a basic human need. A positive classroom and/or workplace culture makes all the difference in terms of morale, engagement, commitment and productivity! It is nearly impossible to motivate and engage learners and colleagues if they do not truly feel like part of the group.

We can help with structures to SHIFT to building workspace culture where everyone feels important, and is invested in the success of the group.

Possible Areas of Focus

Staff Learning & Information Sharing


  • Effective staff learning (Self-Paced, Modern Classroom Project)

  • Hack Mindset

  • PD Structures

  • Open Space

  • "Not a Staff Meeting"

Supporting Staff Social Emotional Learning

  • Equity & Bias

  • Recognition & Appreciation

  • Passion Projects

  • How to have Critical Conversations

  • Pumping up Your Crew! (boosting morale)

  • Strategies to build community virtually

Using Data to Set Direction & Goals

  • Charting a Course of Staff Learning - Long Range Goal Setting

  • Collecting & USING Data

  • Using Staff Feedback as Design Data

  • Using Student Feedback as Design Data

  • Developing a Culture of Try, Fail, Learn (Celebrating Failure - Museum of Fails)

  • The 4Ps of Innovative Culture (Permission - Play - Protection - Play)