Communicating With Your Team

We can help you with developing effective communication strategies with your classes or staff!

No matter what department or team you work with, communication is of utmost importance - especially in the time of COVID, when we aren't able to meet face-to-face. Whether it's sharing information & new learning, or group messages and/or updates, we want to make sure our communication is frequent, clear, effective, in a positive and constructive tone, and delivered in a format that is easily accessible to everyone.

We can help!

Possible Areas of Focus

Personal Tools

  • Email etiquette

  • Communication strategies for school-based leaders

  • Critical Conversations

Whole Group / Team Tools

  • Google Keep as a Team

  • Developing Your PLN

  • Morning Check-ins

  • Collaborating With Colleagues

  • Jamboard for Brainstorming

  • Leveraging Social Media for Your School, Program, and/or Team