Engaging Online Instruction

We can help you with designing creative and effective lessons to engage your learners in the hybrid/virtual learning environment!

Teaching in a virtual or hybrid learning setting is challenging and we want to help you design and implement effective and engaging lessons for your students. Let's work together to evaluate the needs of your classroom and create an online lesson, topic, or unit that best fits your students' needs.

We can build these lessons together and we are happy to model, co-teach, observe, and/or provide feedback to help you succeed in your SHIFT to online learning that is engaging for your students.

Possible Areas of Focus

Engaging Learners with Digital Tools


  • Leveraging Brightspace to work for you

  • Integrating Google Workspace tools such as Jamboard, Slides, Sites, etc.

  • Engaging students with interactive tools such as Nearpod

  • Organizing your instruction with so many other tools such as EdPuzzle, Kahoot!, Quizizz, and more

Instructional Approaches for Rich, Authentic Learning Experiences


  • Using integrative thinking tools online

  • Using authentic learning experiences such as design thinking, project-based learning, and other provocations & invitations

  • Creating structures for guided reading and/or writers' workshop in an online environment

  • Using other challenge-based prompts and strategies

Organizational Strategies to Promote Engagement


  • Flipped classroom and self-paced learning models

  • Choice boards

  • Effective breakout rooms

  • Station rotation models

  • Flow of long online learning blocks

  • Whole class vs. small group activities