Putting Learners At The Centre

We can help you tackle learning from a design thinking approach, whether that learning is for students, staff, or colleagues!

As humans in education, we know we are here for our students. They are at the core of our system, and our practice. In the day-to-day hustle, sometimes the focus can slip.

We can help you build in structures to help you succeed in your SHIFT to Putting Learners First, so they are engaged in exciting, meaningful learning opportunities, and you gain valuable time back in your day - as well as gain a deeper connection with your learners, and a more accurate picture of their strengths and next steps.

Possible Areas of Focus

Instructional approaches to designing rich, authentic, real-world learning experiences

  • Modern Classroom Project

  • Student Choice

  • Project & Problem & Passion - based Learning

  • Mastery Based Learning & Evaluation

  • Student Engagement in Synchronous Learning (camera/mic)

  • Integrative Thinking

  • Passion-based Learning

  • Sustaining Student Voice

Building community and connection

  • Mental Wellness

  • Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy

  • Social Emotional Learning & Check-ins

  • Identifying learners' "Switches" (What lights them up? What are their passions?)

  • Building Community in your Virtual Classroom