Rethinking Assessment & Evaluation

We can help you reimagine your A&E practices in this crazy hybrid/virtual learning world!

Assessment and evaluation is challenging at best in in virtual or hybrid learning situation. How do you maintain integrity? How do you truly evaluate what your students have learned? We can help you with all of these questions and more by rethinking how we approach assessment and evaluation.

We can build resources together and we are happy to model, co-teach, observe, and/or provide feedback to help you succeed in your SHIFT to an assessment and evaluation approach that is both fair to you AND fair to your students.

Possible Areas of Focus

Data Collection and Analysis


  • Making Brightspace work for you

  • Triangulation of data

  • Collecting and analyzing data

  • Feedback forward

  • Screencastify for feedback

  • Single point rubrics

  • Using Doc Appender with Google Forms

  • Other digital tools to save time with assessment and evaluation

Mastery-Based Approaches


  • Going gradeless

  • Using a mastery-based or standards-based grading approach

  • Leveraging the tools in Brightspace (such as release conditions)

Equitable Approaches


  • Student choice and voice

  • Alternatives to products

  • Creating portfolios

  • Getting away from the traditional test

  • Using digital tools, such as Screencastify, to embed reflection