The SHIFT Team

Matthew Coleman

Matt is a passionate arts educator, excited by design thinking and student driven creative problem solving. Before starting the role of Innovation Coach, he taught art and photography, teaching in 7 different school over the last 15 years within the Halton District School Board. Matt models what true leadership looks like to students and teachers through his work with LINK Crew and other extra curricular clubs. In his free time, you'll catch him playing the fiddle, being a dad, going to Crossfit, and imagining how the 21st Century School can be disrupted.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel is a dedicated and passionate leader. Her extensive knowledge of engaging and innovative tech tools (the Google Suite in particular) and teacher moves, are unparalleled and invaluable to all. Rachel is responsible for many of the helpful resources you will find on this website. She is an educational visionary, who always asks the necessary and thoughtful questions to provoke critical thinking and ensure there is a clear purpose and benefit to what we are asking staff and students to do. Rachel enjoys reading, "playing" in Google-land, and spending quiet time with her family, when she is not hard at work.

Sarah Nykoruk

Sarah is an outstanding educational leader with inspiring vision, and over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about empowering educators, students, and parents alike to shift their thinking, and stretch the edges of their comfort zone to innovate their practice and foster a culture of passion-led learning, in which everyone thrives. Sarah has recently become certified as a NeuroCoach and RMM tapping practitioner. These are important mental wellness tools that Sarah brings to her practice to help people understand how their brain works, so they can tap into its power, and optimize their life. Sarah loves spending time in nature with her family, (she is a self-proclaimed "Eco-holic"), and a die-hard Friends fan.

Jacqueline Newton

Jacqueline is entering her 32nd year as a learner and is on a quest for more! As Superintendent of Education for the Halton District School Board with the portfolio of Innovation and Ingenuity she provides the fuel to The Shift team. She believes that no one should have to “play the game of school” and wants to create the conditions that allow students and staff to be more excited for Monday mornings than they are for Friday afternoons. She provides TOTAL support mixed with the spirit of saying “Yes, and…” to help push the edges of the school sandbox to awesome places.